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Lori Chris Christensen
Keweenaw Peninsula Michigan USA

Welcome to Keweenaw Chris design studio. For a more logical, cohesive shopping experience, click on the fabric collections button below. If I can be of any service just drop me a note with the message button below (when logged in).



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quilting, quilt, circle, geometric, dot, folk art, dress, letters, star, alphabet, tree, scarf, words, bird, children, fairy tale, whimsical, swirl, map, leaf, autumn, toile, floral, dots, ogee, woven, fall, watercolor, pastel, oval, marbled, branch, landscape, rose, lattice, ribbon, orchid, indian, check, vine, story, steampunk, christmas, sun, batik, summer, winter, sparrow, birds, nautical, flowers, plaid, sky, night, earth, egg, halloween, mod, boys, pink, spring, spiral, ball, line, yeti, leaves, upholstery, chicken, scallop, quilt block, bohemian, light, woodgrain, eye, flying, gypsy, shadow, marbles, vintage, border print, swirls, patchwork, rooster, grid, impressionist, kimono, shirt, retro, boy, cheater quilt, navy, circles, orange, painting, diamond, girls, heart, hexagon, marble, chart, moth, globe, cross, spooky, denim, square, large scale repeats, owl, chevron, forest, sea, girl, tribal, water, celtic, trees, moon, button, tile, blossom, holiday, snowflake, stamp, polka dot, insect, stained glass, seaweed, fly, wave, round, butterfly, elephant, black and white, baby, japanese, valentine, coral, gothic, love, waves, trellis, arrow, typography, zig zag, triangle, curtains, crow, geometry, raven, taupe, texture, swallows, grass, oak, block print, pine, tapestry, corn, southwest, fat quarter, blackbird, spirals, border, medieval, stars, rainbow, skirt, bugs, linen, mid century, daisy, lace, squirrel, snow, garden, school, mask, contest, blossoms, bandana, bubbles, squares, jungle, spider, gold, acorn, lime, bug, plant, sketch, writing, native, bloom, neutral, native american, banner, beetle, chain, gear, jewel, old, gem, seed, masculine, peace sign, bubble, wheat, confetti, herb, patch, mum,
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Love is in the air mail
Love is in the air mail
land of love pillow top
land of love pillow top
love sky high
love sky high