Designs by kdl



Kelly Loughlin
Greensboro NC USA

Surface design is my favorite creative outlet. I love my family & pets, am an artist/graphic designer & health claims processor. I enjoyed a career as a jacquard woven textile designer for 20 years and I love to craft, knit and sew.




  • toy designs

Four Outfit Collection for 18 inch Dolls on a Yard
Four Outfit Collection for...
Bunouflage Bean Bag Buns Kit
Bunouflage Bean Bag Buns Kit
Sugar Mouse Zombie Pillow
Sugar Mouse Zombie Pillow
Doxie Warmable Pillow or Plushie
Doxie Warmable Pillow or P...
Cat's Pajamas 18" Doll Loungewear
Cat's Pajamas 18" Doll Lou...
Lil' Robot Crazy Assembly Line
Lil' Robot Crazy Assembly ...
Cute Kits Color Kittens Plushies
Cute Kits Color Kittens Pl...
Chic Sheath or T-Shirt and Shorts for 18 inch Doll
Chic Sheath or T-Shirt and...
Jack Owl Lanterns Plushie Pair
Jack Owl Lanterns Plushie ...
Little Piggies Craft Kit
Little Piggies Craft Kit
Cat's Pajamas Too for 18 inch Doll
Cat's Pajamas Too for 18 i...
Owl Nice and Warm Critter Pillow Slipcover
Owl Nice and Warm Critter ...
Penguin Pins
Penguin Pins
Cuddle Pups Puppets
Cuddle Pups Puppets