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Designs by kayajoy



tamara kate serrao
montreal qc canada

I love colour & I love pattern. These feed my passion as a package designer, graphic designer & licensed fabric designer. Thanks for stopping by.


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  • butterfly designs

Festive Forest Advent Calendar
Festive Forest Advent Cale...
One Orange Moon Looking For Some Friends
One Orange Moon Looking Fo...
Springtime Mariposa - purple
Springtime Mariposa - purple
Treetop Getaway - Day version
Treetop Getaway - Day version
Treetop Getaway - Night - 5 colour
Treetop Getaway - Night - ...
Love is in the Air
Love is in the Air
cream teal damask
cream yellow damask
teal damask
cream emerald damask
emerald damask
treetop getaway knit
treetop getaway knit
just ornaments
Corn & Red Pepper Chowder Tea Towel
Corn & Red Pepper Chowder ...
Springtime Damask Cheater Quilt
Springtime Damask Cheater ...
Winter Tree
Winter Tree
tweet primary2
2013 Woodpecker Meadow Calendar
2013 Woodpecker Meadow Cal...
Coloured Pencil Love - primary
Coloured Pencil Love - pri...
The Dragon's Court
The Dragon's Court
Bohemian Damask - pink & cream
Bohemian Damask - pink & c...
Bollywood - teal
Bollywood - teal
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