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Designs by karaskye



Kara Skye
Portland OR USA

Hello! Thank-you for visiting my fabric design shop, here, at Spoonflower! I have 5 brand new designs up now, and even more on the way.


  • snowflake designs

One Yard - 3 Stockings , Steampunk Heart Snow
One Yard - 3 Stockings , S...
Snowflake Merry Christmas Pillows
Snowflake Merry Christmas ...
Let It Snow - Plaid Backed - PILLOW
Let It Snow - Plaid Backed...
Snowflake Silent Night
Snowflake Silent Night
Elroy and Astro Snow Pillow Set
Elroy and Astro Snow Pillo...
One Yard 3 Stockings Dark Maroon
One Yard 3 Stockings Dark ...
Star Mandala Snow Pillow Set
Star Mandala Snow Pillow Set
Let-It-Snow Plaid in Bright Blue
Let-It-Snow Plaid in Brigh...
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