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Kalona Simmons
Kent UK

I am studying for my BA in Art but have been a creative for over 40 years. Textiles were my childhood love and I am increasingly drawn back to creating in 3D. I love patterns in nature, the minutae of life, colours telling stories... If you would like



  • doodle designs

ATC_eternity swatch
ATC eternity swatch
ATC_moon_col swatch
ATC moon col swatch
ATC_equality swatch
ATC equality swatch
elements_x4_doodles yard
elements x4 doodles yard
ATC_sun_col swatch
ATC sun col swatch
ATC_star_col swatch
ATC star col swatch
celtic skull FQskull
celtic skull FQskull
peacock FQ
peacock FQ
ATC_infinity yard
ATC infinity yard
hola_kal FQ
hola kal FQ
ATC_xmas_snowflake_col FQ
ATC xmas snowflake col FQ
doodle_butterflies_dyptic yard
doodle butterflies dyptic ...
ATC_moon_col_x4 yard
ATC moon col x4 yard
doodle_butterflies_dyptic swatch
doodle butterflies dyptic ...
leaves_border yard
leaves border yard
ATC_sun_col_x4 yard
ATC sun col x4 yard
ATC_star_col_x4 yard
ATC star col x4 yard
celtic skull yard
celtic skull yard
pegasus FQ
ATC_eternity yard
ATC eternity yard
ATC sun FQ
ATC_equality yard
ATC equality yard
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