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I'm a graphic designer and crafter inspired by the natural world, urban environments and the interface between the two.


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whimsical, blue, animals, nature, green, bird, geometric, colorful, white, red, abstract, ocean, holiday, music, black, brown, orange, swedish, dog, yellow, christmas, flowers, stars, book, love, pink, children, sky, summer, birds, cat, fish, butterfly, rose, tea towel, floral, sea, space, kids, paper, crayon, star, robot, calendar, food, stripes, leaves, fruit, leaf, pattern, tea towel calendar, hand drawn, library, night, 2016, fun, jazz, science, rabbit, botanical, baby, french, words, dots, vintage, bag, grey, snowflakes, knitting, winter, heart, kid, sports, fabric8, tree, halloween, bicycle, child, watercolor, map, mermaid, valentine, fox, ice cream, garden, bee, quilt, cheater, wood, dinosaur, insects, bear, collage, crayons, animal, happy, farm, art, spring, plants, seahorse, dachshund, starfish, greek, snowflake, yarn, party, ornaments, solid, stone, polka dot, bright, craft, reading, owl, geek, border, black and white, boy, deer, horse, hearts, monster, toy, sewing, forest, coral, tattoo, victorian, bugs, fireworks, apple, fairy, city, cherry, girl, travel, whale, math, coordinates, squirrel, snow, candy, books, purple, water, camouflage, sheep, butterflies, border print, cute, moon, cut & sew, letters, tropical, vegetables, chinese, time travel, zodiac, cartoon, chocolate, rocket, technology, chair, folk, fall, rhino, hawaii, bat, knit, keys, cloud, laundry, lime, literature, mexico, bees, rooster, feather, kite, insect, purse, zoo, superhero, mitten, shell, urban, chinese paper cutting, pencil, wave, fresh, ship, gear, dessert, games, parrot, honey, bell, flight, vegetable, furniture, spanish, independence, english, christmas tree, pajamas, librarian, large scale repeats, machine, rhinoceros, hen, italian,