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Jade Gordon

FB: Respect my copyrighted art! Contact Spoonflower for customer service re: fabrics & printing, but me re: my designs.


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stripes, steampunk, floral, octopus, large scale repeats, dots, nature, animals, vintage, flowers, ocean, skull, sea, victorian, border, halloween, damask, squid, cute, whimsical, ditsy, tentacles, vines, ditzy, gears, abstract, geometric, leaves, plaid, kawaii, stars, roses, coordinate, spooky, elegant, bird, geek, deer, lace, pink, blue, sea life, space, gothic, orchid, colorful, vine, wings, cat, horse, hearts, tattoo, large scale, pony, scales, birds, doll, rose, monster, unicorn, strawberry, pattern, holiday, clockwork, life, black and white, food, christmas, toy, rococo, fruit, tea, galaxy, sweet, cameo, tiny, plant, owl, tree, fish, kitchen, woodland, forest, tiki, red, snow, candy, water, painting, nerd, hand drawn, bacon, kitten, brown, skulls, winter, fall, bones, keys, lily, window, sweets, neon, feather, bow, seaweed, cephalopod, sea creature, bows, polynesian, creature, paisley, music, mermaid, sewing, apron, rainbow, vampire, bugs, poppy, branches, cats, pillow, jellyfish, love, bear, butterflies, trees, lemon, alice in wonderland, paper, mask, deco, doodle, cut and sew pattern, spring, summer, seahorse, angel, small, bat, cooking, spider, creepy, ethnic, sketch, teapot, stained glass, medallion, bright, woods, ship, banner, ink, teacup, xmas, berry, piano, silly, hats, machine, intricate, repeats, goose, dog, nautical, medieval, map, cheater quilt, watercolor, cupcake, valentine, ice cream, clouds, quilt, dragon, carousel, bee, whale, daisy, plushie, purple, monkey, silhouette, garden, boats, school, letters, sea creatures, cake, tropical, bandana, vegetables, lolita, eyes, fantasy, typography, squares, hawaiian, anchor, citrus, duck, chicken, plants, sky, glass, mouse, heart, crayon, face, palette restricted, balloon, pie, ribbon, ghost, autumn, egg, one yard, ice, meat, lilies, fire, world, planet, bees, stuffed animal, seeds, honeycomb, chart, cookies, dot, star, australian, cream, key, bluebird, plush, toys, wheels, globe, cards, peas, photographic, sailor, hair, flame, the, notes, tapestry, kittens, dancing, metal, spaceship, cosmos, tweet, cut, ribbons, monochrome,
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