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Designs by glimmericks



Pamela Rinehart
Near Washington DC, Virginia USA

Mostly digital art/all originals - do not copy (Copyright Pamela Rinehart - all rights reserved) | YES - you can make/sell anything made with fabric you buy | YES - I do custom design requests!


  • costume designs

Sparkled Gold Dragon - Customer Proof
Sparkled Gold Dragon - Cus...
coins camo
coins camo
coins calypso
coins calypso
dragon - gold topaz
dragon - gold topaz
sparkle multi metal dragon scales
sparkle multi metal dragon...
coins pot o' gold
coins pot o' gold
sparkle JELLY ICE metal dr...
Egyptian Scroll
Egyptian Scroll
sparkle red enamel dragon scales
sparkle red enamel dragon ...
sparkle MERMAID metal drag...
coins collected
coins collected
sparkle mirror shine metal dragon scale
sparkle mirror shine metal...
sparkle BRILLIANCE metal d...
sparkle psychedelic dragon scales
sparkle psychedelic dragon...
sparkle DARK RAINBOW metal...
sparkle holiday metal dragon scales
sparkle holiday metal drag...
Tombstone Apron April May and the Bad Souffle
Tombstone Apron April May ...
sparkle pink metal dragon scales
sparkle pink metal dragon ...
coins caribbean
coins caribbean
sparkle reflective pewter metal dragon scales
sparkle reflective pewter ...
sparkle blue ice metal dragon scales
sparkle blue ice metal dra...
coins peppermint
coins peppermint
sparkle jade metal dragon scales
sparkle jade metal dragon ...
sparkle violet enamel dragon scales
sparkle violet enamel drag...
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