Designs by floating_lemons



Mariana Musa

A self-taught illustrator who is thoroughly enjoying rediscovering and exploring the whimsical, quirky, lighter side of art, and who hopes that her designs will bring as much delight to those who view them as they do to her while creating them.




  • stripes designs

Plain Pistachio Green
Plain Pistachio Green
Amara Pistachio Green-Charcoal Grey
Amara Pistachio Green-Char...
Plain Salmon Pink
Plain Salmon Pink
Painted Retro Circles orange green matching Stripes
Painted Retro Circles oran...
Fret Stripe Amber Yellow-Charcoal Grey
Fret Stripe Amber Yellow-C...
Birthday Curls blue on stripes
Birthday Curls blue on str...
Plain Charcoal Grey
Plain Charcoal Grey
Amara Amber Yellow-Charcoal Grey
Amara Amber Yellow-Charcoa...
Simple Flowers teal orange on Stripes
Simple Flowers teal orange...
Plain Cornflower Blue
Plain Cornflower Blue
Plain Charcoal Grey
Plain Charcoal Grey
Fall Tango green on orange dots
Fall Tango green on orange...
Simple Flowers Stripes teal orange
Simple Flowers Stripes tea...
Simple Flowers Stripes purple orange
Simple Flowers Stripes pur...
Sakura Batik Stripes
Sakura Batik Stripes
Plain Amber Yellow
Plain Amber Yellow
Heart Motif stripes white yellow
Heart Motif stripes white ...
Stripe Pistachio Green-Charcoal Grey
Stripe Pistachio Green-Cha...
Fall Tango green on green sripes
Fall Tango green on green ...
Birthday Curls red stripes
Birthday Curls red stripes
Napkin Fret Pistachio Green-Plain
Napkin Fret Pistachio Gree...
Fall Tango green dark stripes dots
Fall Tango green dark stri...
Amara Stripe Pistachio Lavender
Amara Stripe Pistachio Lav...
Stripe Amber Yellow-Charcoal Grey
Stripe Amber Yellow-Charco...