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Designs by fiona_mcdonald_juicyapple



fe mcdonald

i find inspiration in all things, the myriad intricacies of pattern that nature throws out on her broad canvas and what i see as the serendipitous ballet of life. driven by my love of the sea, and inspired by colour, music and words


  • circle designs

spotted blooms cream cartwheels on red
spotted blooms cream cartw...
vintage floral blue circles
vintage floral blue circles
spotted blooms red cartwheels tiny simple
spotted blooms red cartwhe...
spotted blooms red cartwheels small
spotted blooms red cartwhe...
vintage floral teal circles dark
vintage floral teal circle...
spotted blooms black cartwheels
spotted blooms black cartw...
vintage floral teal circles
vintage floral teal circles
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