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Designs by edsel2084



Andrea Enthal
Agoura Hills California United States

I call these swirly, curly designs I create paisleys. Some of them have the actual teardrop paisley. Most of them have twisted vine entwined psychedelia. Victorian, Morris-inspired, art deco, & arts and crafts era are all mixed up in my mental Cuisinart.


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Studebaker M series truck 1946 1947 1948
Studebaker M series truck ...
Heart Overkill
Heart Overkill
1957 1958 Studebaker Hawk black on red
1957 1958 Studebaker Hawk ...
A Hearty Party Time
A Hearty Party Time
We Fell in Love During the Great War (black and white)
We Fell in Love During the...
When Autumn Returns
When Autumn Returns
When the Paisleys Are in Bloom
When the Paisleys Are in B...
Then the Blue Fairy Smacked Me with Her Wand
Then the Blue Fairy Smacke...
Victorian Excess
Victorian Excess
When Life Comes Up Lemons
When Life Comes Up Lemons
Breakfast Time, 10 Million BC
Breakfast Time, 10 Million BC
Victorian Gothic (purple/lavender)
Victorian Gothic (purple/l...
Earthtoned Ombre
Earthtoned Ombre
Retro Victorian Gardening
Retro Victorian Gardening
Big Bold Summer Of Love Child
Big Bold Summer Of Love Child
My Daddy Bought an Edsel ad (green)
My Daddy Bought an Edsel a...
Everything is Coming Up Lavender (a royal and elegant abstract)
Everything is Coming Up La...
Happy Blue Flower Garden Party
Happy Blue Flower Garden P...
1913 to 2013 Mash Up Sine Wave Stripe (blue)
1913 to 2013 Mash Up Sine ...
Yellow twin Headlight Studebaker Lark on green
Yellow twin Headlight Stud...
King Midas' Garden
King Midas' Garden
Strawberry Pie Oh My (scallops and tendrils in red and mint)
Strawberry Pie Oh My (scal...
Forward to 1886 (tiny ornate raspberry patches)
Forward to 1886 (tiny orna...
From the Desk of the Blue Knight
From the Desk of the Blue ...
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