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Designs by edsel2084



Andrea Enthal
Agoura Hills California United States

I call these swirly, curly designs I create paisleys. Some of them have the actual teardrop paisley. Most of them have twisted vine entwined psychedelia. Victorian, Morris-inspired, art deco, & arts and crafts era are all mixed up in my mental Cuisinart.


  • large scale repeats designs

big blue 1958 Edsel Citation convertible
big blue 1958 Edsel Citati...
The Wamzilaki
The Wamzilaki
Grandmother's psychedelic 1970's Kitchen
Grandmother's psychedelic ...
1915 large scale boy toys advertisement (sell soap premiums)
1915 large scale boy toys ...
aqua 1960 Edsel Ranger on pink background
aqua 1960 Edsel Ranger on ...
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