Designs by eclectic_house



Ms Eclectic (Marian)
Hialeah Florida

Rescaling upon request. All designs in collections (except temporary swatch) are for sale. You may resell anything you buy here, and anything you make from it. You may not reuse any part of a design.


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fractal, abstract, animals, cat, plaid, tartan, horse, bird, landscape, pony, photo, geometric, cats, whimsical, horses, nature, zoo, diamond, masculine, dot, pastel, photograph, stripes, floral, gold, birds, kitchen, rainbow, ocean, children, photographic, wood, butterfly, synergy0001, animal, kitten, synergy0003, christmas, art deco, psychedelic, blue, black and white, butterflies, kitty, cut and sew, bright, jewelry, halloween, synergy0002, large scale, check, swirl, insect, dots, dog, alphabet, paisley, bugs, bug, western, fruit, insects, kaleidoscope, holiday, spiral, rabbit, sea, apple, feather, hippie, tesselation, yellow, synergy0010, kittens, cheater quilt, rose, cheater, swirls, farm, summer, apples, stained glass, dragon, hand drawn, gingham, puppy, tulip, marble, star, gemstone, flowers, beach, giraffe, diamonds, lion, spring, winter, autumn, snowflake, oriental, fruits, dragons, synergy0013, jewel, spooky, intricate, retro, owls, quilt, easter, shark, heart, firefly, synergy0005, lizard, teddy bear, food, stars, bunny, valentine, boys, circus, art nouveau, red, purple, orange, water, trees, galaxy, dogs, blossom, sky, chicken, ribbon, tiger, synergy0012, country, bloom, baroque, cross, kitties, impressionist, clothes, checkerboard, gem, blooms, ornate, woven, bubble, hearts, toy, forest, circles, snow, bear, celtic, leaf, green, dragonfly, black, jungle, glass, ditsy, synergy0004, fire, rooster, synergy0007, patriotic, seaweed, synergy0008, synergy0009, toys, dove, large scale repeats, owl, kawaii, tree, steampunk, fish, baby, medieval, boy, deer, clouds, whale, pillow, tribal, garden, teal, blossoms, art, tile, duck, chickens, seahorse, tiny, eggs, alien, laundry, bunnies, sunset, stone, bow, lamb, synergy0011, narwhal, fireflies, beetle, robin, valentines day, cushion, crystal, oak, chickadee, pine, holly, tomato, letter, independence, feminine, pet, lightning, bathroom, phoenix, blackbird, applique, dragonflies, toile, mod, child, woodland, watercolor, monster, fox, leaves, coral, space, feathers, vampire, kids, nursery, puzzle, lace, plushie, squirrel, unicorn, silhouette, love, camouflage, goth, pink, australia, cute, waves, gray, paper, cut & sew, aqua, deco, tropical, vegetables, sun, bubbles, tulips, citrus, indian, fairy tale, daffodil, penguin, sharks, funny, camo, rock, triangle, small, lavender, ghost, great barrier reef, spider, beige, leopard, orchid, cloud, colorful, branch, circle, polka dot, terrier, quilt block, texture, chinese paper cutting, spoonflower0229, peach, roosters, rabbits, pillows, sparrow, storm, twilight, ducks, haunted, metal, playful, square, rocks, flying, golden, foliage, gems, pebbles, hen, ancient, spirals, reef,