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Kathleen Reed
Deep River Iowa USA

Thank you for visiting my shop.If you are looking and can't find your favorite dog breed, contact me through my email If you come across a design you like but would like to have it larger or smaller please contact me and I will try to a


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animals, dogs, dog, large scale repeats, pets, blue, holiday, floral, pink, flowers, red, christmas, green, terrier, black, paws, puppy, tan, puppies, stripes, pattern, brown, hearts, grass, white, nature, geometric, hunting, abstract, dots, garden, whimsical, flag, quilting, valentine, yellow, stocking, paisley, stars, quilt, orange, kit, aqua, hound, love, wallpaper, banner, fabric, bulldog, roses, paw, black and white, background, birds, border, diamonds, lavender, baby, animal, winter, pastel, beige, daisies, and, cute, yorkie, seamless, fat quarter, purple, snowflakes, cut and sew, sky, dachshund, heart, wild, english, coral, horses, irish, gun dog, family, outdoors, yorkshire terrier, toy, sheep, snow, water, boston terrier, kaleidoscope, ribbon, colorful, sketch, mountain, coordinate, holly, ireland, square, christmas tree, flock, cat, kitchen, rose, leaves, cheater, cats, circles, polka dots, grey, ornament, fall, gold, poodle, kittens, lilies, quilt block, portrait, chihuahua, print, ducks, cut, lab, lighthouse, ocean, fox, coordinates, collage, children, pug, corgi, ornaments, babies, pugs, french bulldog, kitties, santa, golden, home decor, basset, tree, vintage, bird, painting, art, squares, kitten, triangles, diamond, leopard, fleur de lis, pumpkin, landscape, sew, africa, equestrian, australian, aussie, rust, beagle, checkered, maltese, brocade, saint, butterfly, cheater quilt, japanese, sewing, french, african, kids, stars and stripes, australia, silhouette, butterflies, trees, teal, contest, farm, bubbles, jungle, summer, valentines, spots, girls, quilts, small, curtains, cooking, guns, earth, autumn, valentine s day, sepia, fawn, toys, labrador, boston, field, colors, italy, cardinal, pet, fish, halloween, chevron, circus, beach, clouds, navy, plaid, arrows, nursery, puzzle, tea, fantasy, elephants, house, lion, sunflower, japan, tulips, spring, zebra, duck, chocolate, greyhound, mouse, camo, violet, bones, swirl, hat, balloons, blocks, stamp, oriental, egyptian, pony, harlequin, woods, guinea pig, husky, photographic, dark, mauve, teacup, valentines day, cushion, basset hound, egypt, shamrock, home, teddy bear, bows, foliage, mountains, stockings, tablecloth, cancer, beads, canada, dachshunds, flags, ribbons, jack russell, boxer, chinese crested, miniature, postage, italian,
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three labs framed
cavalier spaniels sketch
newfoundland puppy and paw prints
newfoundland puppy and paw...
Christmas Elf
Christmas Elf
guinea pig with green background
guinea pig with green back...
bichon in a basket
bichon in a basket
boston terriers pattern
Floral Boxer
Floral Boxer
SCHIPPERKE pawprints
labrador retrievers
labrador retrievers
Airdale Terriers on Yellow Background
Airdale Terriers on Yellow...
hedgehog swirl
hedgehog swirl
pandas and hearts
newfy lighthouse quiltblocks
rhodesian ridgeback quilt ...
yorkie quilt block
bulldog momma and baby
bulldog momma and baby
blue horses
blue horses
clumber spaniels
Clumbers_and_pawprints fabric
Clumbers and pawprints fabric
seamless havanese and hearts
sealyham terriers and paisley
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