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Designs by dogdaze_



Kathleen Reed
Deep River Iowa USA

Thank you for visiting my shop.If you are looking and can't find your favorite dog breed, contact me through my email knewf@zumatel.net. If you come across a design you like but would like to have it larger or smaller please contact me and I will try to a



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  • aussie designs

Brittany spaniels in the brush
Brittany spaniels in the b...
schnauzer mural in bluejpg
black pug christmas stocking
aussies and pawprints
Custom Siberian Husky
Custom Siberian Husky
Cavalier Spaniels Fabric In blue
Cavalier Spaniels Fabric I...
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Fabric
Cavalier King Charles Span...
cavalier spaniel mural
Yorkies with Bones
Yorkies with Bones
Two golden Retrievers
Two golden Retrievers
Golden Retrievers In The Grass fabric
Golden Retrievers In The G...
schnauzers in the flower garden
schnauzers in the flower g...
bernese mountain dog quilt...
Newfoundland Dog Whimsy
Newfoundland Dog Whimsy
Cavalier Spaniel Garden Fabric
Cavalier Spaniel Garden Fa...
shelties and bones
Pomeranians fabric
Pomeranians fabric
Yorkshire terrier fabric
Yorkshire terrier fabric
Set of 20 Cavalier King Charles fabric squares
Set of 20 Cavalier King Ch...
Underwater bubbles
Underwater bubbles
yorkie quilt block blue
Japanese Chin and Symbol for love
Japanese Chin and Symbol f...
Vizsla stencil fabric
Vizsla stencil fabric
Wire Fox Terrier andPaw Prints fabric
Wire Fox Terrier andPaw Pr...
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