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Designs by clotilda_warhammer



Christine Talley
Allentown PA USA

I want folks to know that people who are disabled or who have mental illness are also valuable, fascinating contributors to society! I love nature, science, and adventure, which often reflects in my art. I've sky-dived, gone rock-climbing and caving.



  • large scale repeats designs

A Sunny Day on Planet Whatchamacallit Part 2
A Sunny Day on Planet What...
Fractal Forest of Colorful Trees, mirror tiles
Fractal Forest of Colorful...
Rainbow Amoeba- when you're out of coffee
Rainbow Amoeba- when you'r...
Jewel Tone Fractal Spirals of Peace
Jewel Tone Fractal Spirals...
Fractal Forest of Colorful Trees, hb
Fractal Forest of Colorful...
Fade to Grey III
Fade to Grey III
Homers Colored Donuts in the Twilight Zone #1
Homers Colored Donuts in t...
Summer Batik Fractal
Summer Batik Fractal
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