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Christine Talley
Allentown PA USA

I want folks to know that people who are disabled or who have mental illness are also valuable, fascinating contributors to society! I love nature, science, and adventure, which often reflects in my art. I've sky-dived, gone rock-climbing and caving.


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Edge of Homer's Donuts in the Twilight Zone
Edge of Homer's Donuts in ...
Fractal Alternate Universes
Fractal Alternate Universes
Rainbow Amoeba- when you're out of coffee
Rainbow Amoeba- when you'r...
Rainbow Amoeba-ed
Rainbow Amoeba-ed
Yummy Homerism
Yummy Homerism
Blue, Green, and Gold with Circles
Blue, Green, and Gold with...
Purple Donuts in the Twilight Zone
Purple Donuts in the Twili...
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