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Designs by clotilda_warhammer



Christine Talley
Allentown PA USA

I want folks to know that people who are disabled or who have mental illness are also valuable, fascinating contributors to society! I love nature, science, and adventure, which often reflects in my art. I've sky-dived, gone rock-climbing and caving.


Lovely Fractal Nautilus Shell-ch
Lovely Fractal Nautilus Sh...
Peacock Nautilus Fractal-ed
Peacock Nautilus Fractal- mirror repeat
Peacock Nautilus Fractal- ...
Lovely Fractal Nautilus Shell
Lovely Fractal Nautilus Shell
Dawn Donuts in the Twilight Zone
Dawn Donuts in the Twiligh...
Handsome Fish-ed
Handsome Fish-ed
Lovely Pastel Fractal Nautilus Shell- small
Lovely Pastel Fractal Naut...
Pastel Mutations of a Starry Night
Pastel Mutations of a Star...
Fractal Groovy Fish Slurping Lemonade- bright version
Fractal Groovy Fish Slurpi...
Tiny Pastel Fractal Nautilus Shell
Tiny Pastel Fractal Nautil...
Peacock Nautilus Fractal- soft and small
Peacock Nautilus Fractal- ...
Peacock Nautilus Fractal- sharp and bigger
Peacock Nautilus Fractal- ...
Starry Night in the Paisley Galaxy and Homer Donut System- Cosmic Voyage
Starry Night in the Paisle...
Tilting Yummy Homerism with Zombie Eyes- large
Tilting Yummy Homerism wit...
A Sunny Day on Planet Whatchamacallit Part 1
A Sunny Day on Planet What...
A Sunny Day on Planet Whatchamacallit Part 2
A Sunny Day on Planet What...
Local Cluster in the Paisley Galaxy and Homer Donut System
Local Cluster in the Paisl...
Groovy Fish Drank Too Much!
Groovy Fish Drank Too Much!
Sliding Down the Fractal Ribbons
Sliding Down the Fractal R...
Skydiving kitten with grey border
Skydiving kitten with grey...
Chinese Latticework
Chinese Latticework
Lionfish- work in progress, sized for basic combed cotton
Lionfish- work in progress...
Arrows, Diamonds, and Mountain Blanket Fractal 2
Arrows, Diamonds, and Moun...
Fall Leaves II
Fall Leaves II
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