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Christine Witte

Please visit my Etsy shop for physical products with my designs and illustrations!❤When selling items made with my fabrics/wallpaper etc., please credit me in your product description.❤THANK YOU! :)



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scandinavian, geometric, midcentury, folk, garden, 1950s, floral, vintage, mustard, chevron, mint, flowers, kitchen, arrows, christmas, nursery, triangles, spring, ocean, forest, candy, blush, traditional, honey, retro, coral, clouds, houses, scallop, 1920s, gold, cat, mod, books, weather, cheater quilt, daisy, stars, rainbow, birds, rain, japanese, leaves, water, trees, house, waves, cooking, school, tropical, marine, stripes, dots, camping, cake, picnic, party, peach, astronomy, tree, baby, tribal, bird, sailing, evergreen, gingham, fall, knit, sweets, country, sweater, mountains, gingerbread, science, fish, butterfly, botanical, nautical, hearts, ice cream, diamonds, jungle, clock, fairy tale, sky, zig zag, mouse, tulip, blocks, medieval, music, woodland, space, fruit, plaid, whale, moon, birthday, hand drawn, farm, origami, ships, ornaments, apples, neighborhood, polka dot, baking, red riding hood, 1980s, lollipop, meadow, bouquet, submarine, cuckoo, owl, food, damask, deer, valentine, sewing, sea, art deco, math, jellyfish, camouflage, bag, teal, boats, galaxy, ladybug, umbrella, children, bubbles, tulips, plants, winter, holiday, autumn, patchwork, constellation, mushrooms, clover, ship, island, suzani, diagonal, numbers, oranges, emerald, outdoors, dog, black and white, rabbit, coffee, map, fox, tea towel, bunting, quilt, apple, mid century, linen, wood, tea, love, asian, leaf, arrow, vegetables, lines, gardening, spots, library, whales, hawaii, boat, keys, night, lily, calligraphy, spoons, hydrangea, swedish, vacation, stamps, pyrex, foliage, town, wheat, palm tree, escher, flags, pears, sprout, calendar, elephant, mushroom, rose, beach, monkey, animals, book, cherry, travel, snow, bear, sheep, butterflies, giraffe, turquoise, pirate, octopus, gray, cut & sew, letters, doodle, happy, ornament, cut and sew, sun, guitar, clown, chocolate, summer, daffodil, berries, ballet, mosaic, embroidery, heart, dance, cactus, sports, architecture, nutcracker, pastel, castle, yarn, stamp, thermos, kite, mountain, abc, daisies, insect, sunshine, surf, cookies, watermelon, bark, portraits, grass, uppercase, family, robin, crocodile, mittens, physics, jewels, parrot, sparrow, storm, pine, pigeon, furniture, reef, relatives, cardinal, people, librarian, sleep, exotic, nostalgia, woodcut, village,
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