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Toronto Ontario Canada

Announcement Feb.1 2015 To purchase please contact Viv directly via C'EST LA VIV is a creative boutique, a brand and a beautiful mess!


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cestlaviv ohcanada royalto...
cestlaviv comfortcat18pink
viv newpeony
cestlaviv newwpinkribbonA3...
cestlaviv_new FRENCH blue heart
cestlaviv new FRENCH blue ...
cestlaviv_indigo knot 11.22.14
cestlaviv indigo knot 11.2...
cestlaviv Coal1010 Moose
cestlaviv moosePal royalbl...
cestlaviv MoosePal blackso...
cestlaviv moosePal redblac...
cestlaviv moosePal iceblu
cestlaviv_tropicanaseed black
cestlaviv tropicanaseed black
cestlaviv_ultra black stripe
cestlaviv ultra black stripe
cestlaviv_extinct creatures
cestlaviv extinct creatures
cestlaviv_royalbaby crown ruby
cestlaviv royalbaby crown ...
viv NEW global mink2x
viv NEW global suede1
cestlaviv loonPalred
cestlaviv_spring powder hex cheater
cestlaviv spring powder he...
viv_black tie
viv black tie
cestlaviv_polarbear Night
cestlaviv polarbear Night
cestlaviv expo
cestlaviv_hs tartan1
cestlaviv hs tartan1
cestlaviv hscomfortteam1b
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