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Toronto Ontario Canada

Announcement Feb.1 2015 To purchase please contact Viv directly via C'EST LA VIV is a creative boutique, a brand and a beautiful mess!


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watercolor, dots, stripes, cestlaviv, geometric, abstract, nature, mod, garden, designer, nursery, watercolour, large scale repeats, baby, wedding, floral, chevron, summer, zig zag, love, whimsical, heart, royal, beach, large scale, blue, lattice, ink, pink, christmas, botanical, valentine, holiday, fresh, decor, vintage, fashion, graphic, dot, plaid, modern, animals, spring, sea, circle, favorite, knot, hearts, wood, calligraphy, paris, butterfly, food, large, crown, whimsy, star, princess, kitchen, easter, collection, paisley, orange, diamonds, plum, bunny, green, moose, fun, border, french, sun, check, picnic, mint, crochet, yellow, circles, candy, water, trellis, sweet, indigo, lavender, sketch, country, harlequin, british, waves, black, hand drawn, contemporary, texture, cool, white, home, shadow, monarch, rose, victorian, daisy, gray, animal, argyle, eyes, tile, zebra, sky, peony, kid, gold, bold, groovy, jewel, scroll, emerald, canada, fish, woodland, rainbow, cheater, lemon, children, gingham, ditsy, wallpaper, geo, hexagon, gem, blush, regency, veggies, black and white, ocean, australia, desert, cherry, purple, indian, snake, glass, winter, castle, ornaments, jester, wings, men, mirror, vacation, classic, artist, pen, periwinkle, rain, toile, boys, leaves, mid century, travel, snow, bird, house, lines, cut and sew, typography, diamond, flag, starfish, greek, ribbon, ice, party, tartan, napkins, iris, silver, france, hot, weave, eiffel, romance, rope, tree, boy, quilt, red, kids, girl, grey, contest, deco, aqua, tropical, doodle, shells, spots, surreal, hand, faux bois, hippie, hydrangea, island, chain, xmas, rings, gems, 2014, thanksgiving, england, mum, cat, retro, circus, fruit, teal, cocktail, moon, happy, vegetables, ornament, color, farm, bubbles, script, embroidery, triangles, small, olive, hipster, scarf, costume, india, dessert, zig, anemone, petals, chic, turkey, money, caterpillar, creature, cottage, dog, alphabet, rabbit, nautical, flowers, child, horse, japanese, tea towel, skirt, extinct, pillow, birthday, daffodils, squares, clown, violet, snakes, flamingo, by hand, architecture, egg, cactus, poppies, lime, scale, lamb, man, paint, play, daisies, shell, portrait, cream, blue and white, recipe, sand, berry, texas, field, line, polar bear, rocks, hollywood, seed, handmade, cowgirl, ribbons, flannel, liberty, beautiful, fur, duvet, birds, stars, feathers, bugs, bee, navy, linen, penguin, plushie, napkin, handdrawn, upholstery, butterflies, celtic, cute, leaf, paper, umbrella, sailing, sunflower, art, blossom, chocolate, daffodil, cowboy, fall, kaleidoscope, quilts, hawaii, fern, birch, earth, snowflake, leopard, pumpkin, pastel, zigzag, pineapple, colorful, solid, ethnic, bug, pretty, seeds, creatures, insect, tiles, wild, irish, romantic, story, moth, peach, shoe, tangerine, knight, woodgrain, family, pillows, sailor, mauve, hair, jewels, pinstripe, kisses, endangered, letter, pantone, santa, vegetable, english, metal, square, blueberry, style, tie dye, pet, grape, bouquet, marbles, and, sleep, multicolor,
  • abstract designs

c'est la viv_sky gingham
c'est la viv sky gingham
cestlaviv_madras orange pink
cestlaviv madras orange pink
cestlaviv starfish7
cestaviv taffy
cestlaviv_monarch texture
cestlaviv monarch texture
cestlaviv chevron pewter
viv PEONY42
cestlaviv_kitchenplaid gris
cestlaviv kitchenplaid gris
viv_tatcolors Lime Triad rev
viv tatcolors Lime Triad rev
c'est la viv_ MON JARDIN NOTES
c'est la viv MON JARDIN N...
cestlaviv_yelloworange 18 ultra
cestlaviv yelloworange 18 ...
cestlaviv_original navy blue
cestlaviv original navy blue
cestlaviv chevron emerald
cestlaviv aubergine
cestlaviv_passion fruit paso doble
cestlaviv passion fruit pa...
C'EST LA VIV™ Border Collection_Running Daffodil
C'EST LA VIV™ Border Colle...
cestlaviv_evil eye 3
cestlaviv evil eye 3
cestlaviv zebradotmulti
viv_tat flowers
viv tat flowers
cestlaviv pinkeroranger18n...
cestlaviv MOOSE-pal snowballs
C'EST LA VIV™ green onions
C'EST LA VIV™ green onions
C'EST LA VIV™  monarch black and white
C'EST LA VIV™ monarch bla...
viv featherdots
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