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Designs by cest_la_viv



Vivian Ducas
Toronto Ontario Canada

Holidays Prints, DYI, Gift tags and giveaway announcement coming soon! #falalaviv #spruceupyourtree C'EST LA VIV is a creative boutique, a brand and a beautiful mess! Modern watercolor and design by Vivian Ducas ~ Ask about collaborating, licensing




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cestlaviv_pink hearts new2b
cestlaviv pink hearts new2b
C'EST LA VIV POPPIES ~ Garden Lark Collection
C'EST LA VIV™ Garden Lark Collection_BLUE WHITE
C'EST LA VIV™ Garden Lark ...
cestlaviv_cinnamon hearts
cestlaviv cinnamon hearts
cestlaviv_yellow hearts
cestlaviv yellow hearts
cestlaviv chevron pinkorange
cestlaviv_lemon twist
cestlaviv lemon twist
cestlaviv_Yellow Hearts Cream
cestlaviv Yellow Hearts Cream
cestlaviv_butterfly dots  (sun spots)
cestlaviv butterfly dots ...
cestlaviv woodaquaLEFT
cestlaviv chevron yellowor...
cestlaviv_lattice shadows original Slate
cestlaviv lattice shadows ...
cestlaviv_kitchen plaid green onions
cestlaviv kitchen plaid gr...
cestlaviv_zebradot 56inches
cestlaviv zebradot 56inches
cestlaviv_bunny Tuxedo (formerly Ebony)
cestlaviv bunny Tuxedo (fo...
C'EST LA VIV Garden Lark Collection_SIBERIAN IRIS
C'EST LA VIV Garden Lark C...
cestlaviv_woodstains DIOR GRAY
cestlaviv woodstains DIOR ...
cestlaviv_breezee rev
cestlaviv breezee rev
cestlaviv starfish18
C'EST LA VIV Garden Lark Collection_BIG MUM
C'EST LA VIV Garden Lark C...
cestlaviv_monarch wings
cestlaviv monarch wings
viv LatticeShadows origina...
cestlaviv tangotangerine
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