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Designs by cest_la_viv



Vivian Ducas
Toronto Ontario Canada

Holidays Prints, DYI, Gift tags and giveaway announcement coming soon! #falalaviv #spruceupyourtree C'EST LA VIV is a creative boutique, a brand and a beautiful mess! Modern watercolor and design by Vivian Ducas ~ Ask about collaborating, licensing


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cestlaviv_pink hearts new2b
cestlaviv pink hearts new2b
cestlaviv_cinnamon hearts
cestlaviv cinnamon hearts
cestlaviv_Yellow Hearts Cream
cestlaviv Yellow Hearts Cream
cestlaviv_ stars stars ★
cestlaviv stars stars ★
cestlaviv_BarelyThere hearts
cestlaviv BarelyThere hearts
cestlaviv peony18x18
viv_tatcolors TRIAD
viv tatcolors TRIAD
cestlaviv_BarelyThere Hearts RR
cestlaviv BarelyThere Hear...
viv_Sally 2
viv Sally 2
cestlaviv_Sally 7(napkins)
cestlaviv Sally 7(napkins)
cestlaviv_berry clafoutis
cestlaviv berry clafoutis
cestlaviv_Good Morning Prince
cestlaviv Good Morning Pri...
Pink Sparkle Heart
Pink Sparkle Heart
cestlaviv frenchmint white...
cestlaviv_Motherof the Bride Pink Roses
cestlaviv Motherof the Bri...
cestlaviv_tiara 18x21
cestlaviv tiara 18x21
I heart Paris by C'EST LA VIV
I heart Paris by C'EST LA VIV
cestlaviv frenchMINThearts
cestlaviv_tat love basic
cestlaviv tat love basic
Barely Pink Heart by C'EST LA VIV
Barely Pink Heart by C'EST...
cestlaviv_few cinnamon hearts
cestlaviv few cinnamon hearts
Blush Hearts by C'EST LA VIV
Blush Hearts by C'EST LA VIV
cestlaviv_pink heart
cestlaviv pink heart
cestlaviv_silverhearts_offwhite field
cestlaviv silverhearts off...
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