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Cean Irminger
Machipongo Va. USA

By day I am an upstanding mosaic designer for New Ravenna Mosaics on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. By night I am a superdork drawing whatever weird things pop into my head. By morning I'm exhausted.



Shop Tags

whimsical, animals, large scale repeats, nature, bird, mermaid, vintage, sky, cloud, tree, owl, geometric, cat, watercolor, sea, abstract, flight, octopus, skull, border, nautical, sloth, rabbit, squid, ocean, whale, folk tale, damask, horse, rainbow, turtle, fantasy, holiday, pigeon, ombre, alphabet, food, baby, fox, quilt, fairy, cute, lattice, deco, summer, russian, mythology, night, firebird, steampunk, halloween, mushroom, dots, kids, sheep, pirate, pattern, animal, farm, pop, birds, geek, science, stripes, christmas, child, monster, apron, rococo, dragon, city, squirrel, house, illustration, children, art, spring, funny, wolf, ditsy, wallpaper, elf, fabric8, dog, fish, rain, black and white, paisley, mod, boy, cheater quilt, stars, clouds, space, victorian, art deco, girl, love, monkey, jellyfish, candy, orange, lemon, school, green, painting, lion, penguin, ornament, hawaiian quilt, cut and sew pattern, psychedelic, citrus, blue, fairy tale, plants, technology, photo, crow, spider, landscape, lime, literature, party, lamb, pony, insect, narwhal, history, storm, field, feline, myth, restricted palette, kawaii, butterfly, baby boy, flowers, peacock, kitchen, woodland, hearts, toy, valentine, sewing, garden, fruit, cheater, words, red, book, easter, wood, cats, stocking, folk tales, napkin, unicorn, bear, frog, moon, boats, mask, paper, letters, tessellation, shark, japan, chinese, sun, hand drawn, zodiac, guitar, winter, fairy tales, boat, comic, greek, one yard, autumn, llamas, cloth book, geometry, ornaments, marine, clothing, queen, kite, scallop, play, mountain, medallion, shell, urban, texture, wave, shakespeare, little red riding hood, dolphin, suzani, dna, doll clothes, jewel, weave, line, fun, lightning, fat quarter, polar bear, submarine, pegasus, scan, frame, phoenix, square, tale, air, creature, calico, boar, romance, adventure, bigfoot,