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Cean Irminger
Machipongo Va. USA

Mosaic designer by day, toddler chaser in the afternoon, obsessive fabric designer by night. If it's geeky, I most likely love it and will soon have a fabric touting it.


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whimsical, animals, large scale repeats, nature, bird, mermaid, vintage, tree, cloud, owl, geometric, sky, cat, sea, abstract, octopus, flight, skull, nautical, rabbit, squid, ocean, whale, sloth, border, turtle, fantasy, holiday, pigeon, folk tale, ombre, alphabet, baby, rainbow, quilt, fairy, lattice, deco, summer, russian, mythology, night, firebird, steampunk, mushroom, damask, horse, watercolor, dots, sheep, cute, pirate, pattern, farm, pop, birds, geek, science, halloween, food, stripes, christmas, child, monster, fox, apron, rococo, city, squirrel, house, animal, children, art, spring, wallpaper, elf, fabric8, dog, fish, black and white, paisley, boy, cheater quilt, stars, space, victorian, dragon, art deco, girl, jellyfish, orange, lemon, green, school, painting, lion, penguin, ornament, hawaiian quilt, cut and sew pattern, psychedelic, citrus, blue, fairy tale, plants, technology, funny, photo, crow, wolf, spider, ditsy, lime, literature, lamb, insect, narwhal, history, storm, field, feline, myth, restricted palette, butterfly, rain, baby boy, mod, flowers, peacock, kitchen, hearts, woodland, toy, valentine, sewing, fruit, cheater, words, red, kids, easter, book, wood, stocking, napkin, unicorn, candy, monkey, love, bear, frog, boats, paper, letters, tessellation, shark, moon, hand drawn, sun, guitar, winter, boat, greek, one yard, autumn, landscape, geometry, ornaments, party, cloth book, marine, pony, clothing, queen, kite, scallop, play, mountain, medallion, shell, urban, texture, wave, star, shakespeare, dna, little red riding hood, dolphin, suzani, doll clothes, jewel, weave, fun, lightning, polar bear, pegasus, scan, square, phoenix, fat quarter, submarine, frame, calico, creature, boar,
  • skull designs

Ro-co-co and a Bottle of Rum
Rococo and a Bottle of Rum, Blue
Deadly Nightshade Hawaiian Quilt ( with bonus pillow fronts for larger bolts)
Rococo and a Bottle of Rum, Rose
Art Skull
Deadly Nightshade- Black light
Deadly Nightshade Hawaiian Quilt - Suzani
Small Modular Nightshade
Deadly Nightshade Hawaiian Quilt
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