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Carly Cais
Portland OR USA



Carlyjcais's News


joivie commented on carlyjcais's design:

Sparkle Star Field
Sparkle Star Field
Great. I want sparkly pants!!
Posted 11 months ago.

carlyjcais uploaded a project photo for carlyjcais's design:

Sideways Palm Tree Tropical Photo
Posted over 1 year ago.

carlyjcais commented on carlyjcais's design:

Rainbow Star Field
Rainbow Star Field
Are they really?! How cool! I didn't really know - the original was a photo I'd purchased from NASA, but there was no description on the photo at all. What a great bit of info - thanks loriearte!
Posted almost 2 years ago.

loriearte commented on carlyjcais's design:

Rainbow Star Field
Rainbow Star Field
Those are actually galaxies!!! This was dubbed "The most important picture ever taken", The Ultra Deep Field. It's fascinating. Every single speck in that photo is an enormous galaxy just like our Milky Way. A bit shocking when you try to put it all into perspective. Not taking into account, that this photo was captured zooming into a small blank area of space for 11 days. Our universe is absolutely amazing. Sorry for geeking out, but it's my favorite photo of all time! :)
Posted almost 2 years ago.

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