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Designs by bonnie_phantasm



Bonnie Phantasm

In case you'd like to order any of my designs in different colors/sizes, please don't hesitate to send me a message! I'm also available for custom work and open to ideas - and I have a Cafepress store for my designs too!


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linen, modern, rococo, geometric, costume, embroidery, japanese, kimono, abstract, fractal, floral, traditional, stripes, quilt, square, love, heart, hearts, dress, border, spring, origami, painting, baroque, victorian, cherry, lace, steampunk, squares, blossom, leopard, wings, cherries, butterfly, fruit, skirt, trees, sakura, petals, food, chevron, blue, diamond, colorful, seamless, geek, tree, summer, zigzag, scale, fresh, fan, peacock, pink, large, mosaic, renaissance, design, fabric, medieval, rainbow, feathers, cute, green, cartoon, movie, pattern, doctor, knit, superhero, science fiction, metal, comic book, fish, flowers, children, who, feather, queen, building, yellow, cheater, vintage, purple, orange, diagonal, monarch, brocade, kids, nursery, grey, argyle, black, art, grid, historical, escher, trellis, whimsical, blocks, yarn, portrait, texture, brick, wave, cross, painted, primary, italian, mermaid, watercolor, red, breakfast, candy, turquoise, birthday, nature, swirls, panel, chocolate, gears, eggs, christian, circle, scales, water color, underwater, regency, old, cubes, hand painted, bible, beauty, clockwork, halloween, christmas, damask, ocean, stars, sewing, sea, space, animals, travel, sweet, indigo, computer, greek, hand, wallpaper, tartan, back to school, star, pencil, royal, lollipop, white, marie antoinette, monet, cushion, print, gingerbread, phoenix, town, soft, edwardian, box, critters, dog, black and white, rabbit, baby, kitchen, coral, poppy, wood, city, pillow, polka dots, books, water, garden, bird, butterflies, waves, alice in wonderland, dogs, cut & sew, illustration, animal, happy, alice, color, koi, library, angel, bones, face, lavender, night, sweets, fishes, 80s, plant, roses, fruits, cookies, scarf, moth, grass, shakespeare, pinwheel, 60s, chain, metallic, religious, toast, monochrome, weave, field, jesus, klimt, reading, flying, reef, pond, bouquet, librarian, nativity, bridge, lipstick,
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