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Bonnie Phantasm

In case you'd like to order any of my designs in different colors/sizes, please don't hesitate to send me a message! I'm also available for custom work and open to ideas - and I have a Cafepress store for my designs too!


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linen, modern, rococo, geometric, costume, embroidery, japanese, kimono, abstract, fractal, floral, traditional, stripes, quilt, square, love, heart, hearts, dress, border, spring, origami, painting, baroque, victorian, cherry, lace, steampunk, squares, blossom, leopard, wings, cherries, butterfly, fruit, skirt, trees, sakura, petals, food, chevron, blue, diamond, colorful, seamless, geek, tree, summer, mosaic, zigzag, scale, fresh, fan, peacock, pink, large, renaissance, design, fabric, medieval, rainbow, feathers, cute, green, cartoon, movie, pattern, doctor, knit, superhero, science fiction, metal, comic book, fish, flowers, children, who, feather, queen, building, yellow, cheater, vintage, purple, orange, diagonal, monarch, kids, nursery, grey, black, argyle, art, grid, historical, escher, trellis, whimsical, christian, blocks, yarn, cross, texture, portrait, brick, painted, wave, primary, italian, watercolor, mermaid, red, breakfast, candy, turquoise, birthday, nature, swirls, panel, chocolate, gears, greek, circle, star, water color, scales, underwater, old, regency, bible, beauty, cubes, clockwork, halloween, christmas, damask, ocean, stars, sewing, space, sea, animals, travel, sweet, indigo, computer, eggs, hand, tartan, wallpaper, back to school, pencil, royal, marie antoinette, lollipop, white, print, cushion, monet, phoenix, jesus, edwardian, gingerbread, town, soft, box, dog, black and white, rabbit, baby, kitchen, coral, dots, poppy, wood, city, pillow, water, garden, bird, butterflies, books, waves, alice in wonderland, dogs, cut & sew, illustration, animal, happy, color, alice, koi, angel, library, bones, face, lavender, night, sweets, fishes, 80s, plant, roses, fruits, cookies, scarf, grass, moth, metallic, pinwheel, 60s, shakespeare, chain, toast, religious, field, weave, monochrome, reading, librarian, flying, klimt, reef, pond, bouquet, bridge,
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Orange Monarch Butterfly Wings
Orange Monarch Butterfly W...
We're not fat, just Adipose
We're not fat, just Adipose
Heaps of Orange Monarch Butterflies
Heaps of Orange Monarch Bu...
Got Chocolate?
Got Chocolate?
Embroidered Rococo Mantua Skirt Floral Fabric - 2 yds repeat
Embroidered Rococo Mantua ...
Rococo column embroideries, c. 1720-40
Rococo column embroideries...
Steampunk Panel - Gears and Pipes - Brass
Steampunk Panel - Gears an...
SteamCubism - Brass
SteamCubism - Brass
Chainmail - Silver / Steel
Chainmail - Silver / Steel
Rococo: Marie Antoinette's Boudoir - Embroidered
Rococo: Marie Antoinette's...
Giant Orange Monarch Butterfly Wings
Giant Orange Monarch Butte...
Seamless: Thomas Gainsborough - The mall in St. James's park
Seamless: Thomas Gainsboro...
ELECTron - Blue / Black - Random
ELECTron - Blue / Black - ...
6th Doctor's Coat Lining
6th Doctor's Coat Lining
Pearl-bordered fritillary butterfly
Pearl-bordered fritillary ...
Mucha's Night and Day
Mucha's Night and Day
The little Rococo mermaid
The little Rococo mermaid
Audrey's Sabrina Dress Fabric
Audrey's Sabrina Dress Fabric
Embroidered Elizabethan Jacket Goldwork Imitation
Embroidered Elizabethan Ja...
Peacock Feathers Invasion - Stripes
Peacock Feathers Invasion ...
Marie de Medici's Fleur de Lis
Marie de Medici's Fleur de...
Mermaid Scales - Aqua
Mermaid Scales - Aqua
Eleonora Di Toledo - Gold Velvet
Eleonora Di Toledo - Gold ...
Bathing Nymphs
Bathing Nymphs
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