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Designs by bloomingwyldeiris



Penney Hughes

I'm an artist currently living in Africa. I do many forms of art but am currently passionate about fabric design. Contact me if you are interested in collaborating with me or tweeking an existing design.



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Pink and Violet Floral with Ikat
Pink and Violet Floral wit...
Ghana Fantastic Floral Red Petite
Ghana Fantastic Floral Red...
Senegalese Woman and Child in Aqua, Blue and Orange
Senegalese Woman and Child...
Hexie Roses Yellow and Coral Hues
Hexie Roses Yellow and Cor...
Hexie Roses Blue Hues
Hexie Roses Blue Hues
Hexie Roses Deep Hues
Hexie Roses Deep Hues
Crowning Glory of West Africa in Browns and Peaches
Crowning Glory of West Afr...
Ghana Fantastic Floral Pink Petite
Ghana Fantastic Floral Pin...
Ghana Butterflies on Steel Blue
Ghana Butterflies on Steel...
Crowning Glory of West Africa in Magenta & Deep Blue
Crowning Glory of West Afr...
Yellow Wagtail
Yellow Wagtail
Ghana Fanatastic Floral Lavendar Grande
Ghana Fanatastic Floral La...
Ghana Fantastic Floral Blue Petite
Ghana Fantastic Floral Blu...
Cattails or Bulrushes by the Pond White on Teal
Cattails or Bulrushes by t...
Rose Leaves Ditsy Vintage
Rose Leaves Ditsy Vintage
Ghana Textured Columns Royal Purple on Dark Slate
Ghana Textured Columns Roy...
Quetzalcoatl Cosmic Stripe
Quetzalcoatl Cosmic Stripe
Peacock Deco Diamonds Miniature
Peacock Deco Diamonds Mini...
Barrier Reef Shell 3
Barrier Reef Shell 3
Yellow Ginkgo Leaves
Yellow Ginkgo Leaves
Mod Made Sunglasses
Mod Made Sunglasses
Red Rose Argyle
Red Rose Argyle
The Frog Prince Fairytale Toile Petite
The Frog Prince Fairytale ...
Notable Women Scientists Toile
Notable Women Scientists T...
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