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Sylvie Heasman

I live in Australia. I Love it and I'm influenced by the ocean in my designs. I have a need to draw.. it's crazy but I can only go a few days without drawing and then I get the urge so strongly that I just have to sit down and draw something.... I LIVE




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Have a Cuppa
Kittens and Mittens on Green
Kittens and Mittens on Green
The usual nonsence on silver
Dinosaurs_Blue Stripe
Dinosaurs Blue Stripe
Dinosaur World - Aqua.
Dinosaur World - Aqua.
Aqua - Browns - Beige - Dinosaur Collection.
Aqua - Browns - Beige - Di...
Mayhem! :-)
Mayhem! :-)
Dinosaurs_Aqua__Browns__Beige Plaid.
Dinosaurs Aqua Browns Be...
Kittens Playing_on_Blue 7199B6
Kittens Playing on Blue 71...
Dinosaurs Aqua Plaid
Playing Kittens_on_Green 5D7F70
Playing Kittens on Green 5...
Baby fish in Seaweed on co...
Starfish,_Sea_Urchins, Fish_on_coord_3
Starfish, Sea Urchins, Fis...
Playing Kittens_on_black
Playing Kittens on black
Dinosaurs Aqua Stripe.
Playing Kittens_on_Beige E7D7B7
Playing Kittens on Beige E...
Dinosaurs Blue Plaid/Check.
Under da Sea coord 2
Under da Sea coord 3
Calaveras Skirt and Sash Lime
Calaveras Skirt and Sash o...
Calaveras Black and white ...
Calaveras on_Dusty Lilac
Calaveras on Dusty Lilac
Calaveras Black and White ...
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