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Designs by art_on_fabric



Sylvie Heasman
Bournemouth Dorset United Kingdom

I'm influenced by the ocean in my designs. I have a need to draw.. it's crazy but I can only go a few days without drawing and then I get the urge so strongly that I just have to sit down and draw something.... I LIVE



  • steampunk designs

Raining Chain
Raining Chain
Solid Autumn Olive_AEA200
Solid Autumn Olive AEA200
Moonlight Sonata with Freddie Croaker and the Clockworks
Moonlight Sonata with Fred...
Swish Gold
Swish Gold
Solid Autumn Maroon
Solid Autumn Maroon
Heart of Chain
Heart of Chain
Chained Up.
Chained Up.
Big_Chevron by Sylvie
Big Chevron by Sylvie
Solid_4F5931 Autumn Green.
Solid 4F5931 Autumn Green.
Steampunk Beetles_on_a_Waistcoat
Steampunk Beetles on a Wai...
Beetles Steampunk on_a_Maroon Waistcoat
Beetles Steampunk on a Mar...
Freddie and the Clockwork Chevron
Freddie and the Clockwork ...
Freddie Croaker Fat Quartet
Freddie Croaker Fat Quartet
Solid Autumn Orange_D88724
Solid Autumn Orange D88724
Cog flowers
Nautilus clocks and stripes
 Solid Autumn Red_CA3724
Solid Autumn Red CA3724
Waistcoat_Beetles.. How Cute :-)
Waistcoat Beetles.. How Cu...
Waistcoat beetles on White
Waistcoat beetles on Gorge...
Waistcoat Beetles on Maroon.
Solid Autumn Blue_595375
Solid Autumn Blue 595375
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