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Long Island NY United States

I love this site because it allows me-as a designer, to put my original, copyrighted designs here-on a fabric of my choice-which is the first step in getting these designs to my customers.


Ann-dee's News


ann-dee commented on ann-dee's design:

Thanks for your comment rhondadesigns- I couldn't have explained it better! Also-red, white and blue are the colors for the Fourth of July here in the USA-so I kept my color palette to that...there are so many great artists/designers here on this your designs too!
Posted over 5 years ago.

rhondadesigns commented on ann-dee's design:

The flashes of colour flickering on the blue background are like the after-images of light that can be seen when fireworks fade back into the night sky or children "write" in the air with sparklers.
Posted over 5 years ago.