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I have an eclectic mix of graphics, historical, natural and abstract art, created traditionally and digitally. Many of my designs can be found on other products. Please visit my web site for more info.


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tiles, psychedelic, abstract, mosaic, large scale, blocks, geometric, waves, animals, shapes, kaleidoscope, nature, ribbons, fractal, art, organic, clouds, golden, tartan, stars, checkered, glass, steampunk, whimsical, hills, design, space, creatures, floral, rainbow, grunge, texture, silhouette, checks, cubes, deco, fantasy, stripes, colorful, dragons, neon, zig, metal, swirls, mythical, optical, forest, graphic, squares, wings, photographic, eyes, marine, flying, sky, stone, chevron, crystal, words, landscape, pop, border, scribbles, plaid, victorian, weather, circles, snow, snowflakes, flowers, alien, snowflake, dots, drawing, nebula, spots, construction, rocks, pattern, letters, sea, puzzle, small, night, ditsy, marble, cats, insects, large scale repeats, butterfly, fox, wood, graffiti, plants, architecture, honeycomb, jewels, storm, foliage, horse, nouveau, urban, nautical, ornaments, pets, kittens, trees, mandala, transportation, wheels, gems, zodiac, check, simple, mirror, owl, vintage, autumn, baby, cityscape, chocolate, boat, ship, type, rainbows, square, street, fire, food, ocean, moon, tile, lizard, storms, city, surreal, window, doodles, mountain, astrology, owls, bugs, triangles, patchwork, writing, toys, buildings, metallic, cosmos, bicycle, watercolor, diamonds, evergreen, insect, bear, fall, bears, dinosaurs, calligraphy, bridge, cat, extinct, water, gold, hand, grid, painted, black and white, cheater quilt, goth, cute, sun, summer, chevrons, tree, garden, lines, snake, buttons, natural, bikes, petals, ombre, pastel, line, fur, music, coral, tea, tribal, cooking, baking, recipe, recipes, classic, rain, retro, farming, shark, winter, ice, sea creature, notes, emerald, decor, spirals, birds, coffee, pomegranate, candy, text, vines, doodle, gardening, geo, tools, bark, drops, silver, scribble, dancing, maze, ornate, salmon, alphabet, hearts, beach, fruit, tiki, leaf, gray, batik, lime, bicycles, maps, seamless, sand, tomato, grape, rustic, australia, bird, sailing, lilac, peach, underwater, old, beetles, polynesian, confetti, canada, map, bike, frog, vegetables, sweet, typewriter, violet, holiday, horses, keys, tiger, sweets, creepy, wine, grass, critter, rust, sign, drums, beads, navy, easter, teal, black, shells, panel, funky, bones, eggs, wild, ants, wire, nautilus, aliens, halloween, christmas, woodland, dragon, red, dinosaur, lemon, collage, boats, frogs, paper, rock, pumpkin, ships, taupe, skull, rose, sewing, jellyfish, butterflies, grey, sheep, galaxy, farm, bubbles, blue, valentines, panda, gears, skeleton, skulls, sci fi, comic, bamboo, party, lamb, shell, wave, scales, games, light, mauve, tentacles, chic, gem, historical, death, goose, feline, fish, leaves, quilt, cheater, modern, branches, lace, orange, pink, school, animal, spring, pop art, zigzag, world, paint, circle, play, roses, seeds, cookies, yoga, star, surf, portrait, sunny, white, celestial, charcoal, bows, lightning, bubble, shadow, threads, periwinkle, fabric8, science, rabbit, squid, valentine, desert, kids, cherry, love, giraffe, octopus, lattice, ladybug, cut & sew, antique, typography, peace, zebra, ornament, sharks, quilts, olive, crayon, indigo, pie, picnic, embroidery, sports, earth, spiral, raven, clothing, sunset, constellation, country, towel, sepia, hummingbird, road, misty, dark, royal, newspaper, hot, dessert, valentines day, new year, cotton, field, tan, independence, mirrored, creature, pet, ancient, calico, pebbles, cancer, and,
  • puzzle designs

Puzzle Motif 28
Puzzle Motif 14
Puzzle Motif 1
Rainbow Enigma 7
Rainbow Enigma 7
Rainbow Enigma 2
Rainbow Enigma 2
Rainbow Enigma 6
Rainbow Enigma 6
Rainbow Enigma 3
Rainbow Enigma 3
Rainbow Eigma 5
Rainbow Eigma 5
Puzzle Motif 17
Puzzle Motif 5
Puzzle Motif 11
Puzzle Motif 13
Puzzle Motif 27
Rainbow Enigma 10
Rainbow Enigma 10
Rainbow Enigma 4
Rainbow Enigma 4
Puzzle Motif 8
Puzzle Motif 18
Puzzle Motif 21
Puzzle Motif 12
Rainbow Enigma 1
Rainbow Enigma 1
Puzzle Motif 20
Puzzle Motif 6
Puzzle Motif 3
Puzzle Motif 10
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