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NEW! Practical 1100 Color Chart with supplemental color sets ©2012 by Jane Walker fabric by artbyjanewalker on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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Preview scale: 56.0 x 36.0 inches


1100 different colors when printed! Unlike some other color charts, this one includes no repeated colors when printed. The main chart is now 40" wide to fit any fabric and has additional color sets included on wider fabrics (click different fabrics to see what you will get on each). These extras are also available separately as a fat quarter: Fat Quarter Color Chart Supplement.
My chart has colors selected and arranged to print in organized progressions of hue, tint, shade, and/or tone, and there are 1100 distinct colors when printed on Spoonflower's Organic Cotton Sateen.

Each color sample is .5" x 1.25" / 13mm x 32mm. The main chart is 36" x 40" and there are additional color sets included on wider fabrics.
With the wide range of good-sized color chips on this well-organized chart, a designer can easily find the desired colors for highlights, midtones, and shadows; can see the differences between warm and cool colors; and can choose from a wide variety of pastels, neutrals, and bright colors.

Each color has its hexadecimal color code listed below it. Most image editing software can accept hex color codes. If yours does not, there are many websites that will convert them into RGB, LAB, or CMYK. A digital color chart is available for use with this fabric chart so that no typing is required! To purchase the digital png file, click here: Digital Color Chart File

How this chart was made: I started with my initial 2850 color samples, Spoonflower's color map, and my original 965 color chart and had them printed on Spoonflower's organic cotton sateen. I cut out the swatches, sorted them, and arranged 1100 to create organized progressions of hue, tint, shade, and/or tone when printed on the organic cotton sateen. I had so many colors left over (the new and improved color range is amazing!) that I arranged them into useful sets and added them to the right of the main chart
Some or all of the colors may print differently on other fabrics.
I suggest purchasing the chart on the fabric you use most, or on each fabric you use.

Extra: "Mix" your own colors using my chart and any one of 3 free texture (dither) image files: TEXTURES FOR MIXING MORE COLORS

Many of these colors will print similarly to how they appear on a properly calibrated computer monitor, but others may print differently than they appear on a computer monitor.

I checked this chart carefully for errors, however, the purchaser agrees that I will not be held liable for any problems that arise from errors that may remain.

NEW! Practical 1100 Color Chart with supplemental color sets ©2012 by Jane Walker

by: artbyjanewalker

This color chart / color map has 1100 different colors when printed!
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