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Scenes through a moon gate, red by Su_G fabric by su_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

Scenes through a moon gate, red. Entry in the Chinese Paper Cutting Contest. Art pen on cel & line art. © Su Schaefer 2014
Scenes seen through a moon gate on a background of Chinese fretwork in a classic overlapping circle style, bright lacquer red on white. Entry in the Chinese Paper Cutting Contest - THANKS to everyone who voted - super happy this design placed 40th out of 218 (168 votes) in a field of so many wonderful designs.
© Su Schaefer 2014

Printed a bright red on basic cotton (3rd thumbnail above), may print darker on other substrates.

See all my Chinoiserie designs.

Chinoiserie (from 'chinois' - the French for Chinese), as a style was inspired by art and design from China and other Asian countries. Characteristics include asymmetry, playful contrasts of scale, fanciful imagery and fantastic landscapes: filled with exotic buildings such as pagodas and pavilions; birds, dragons, and people in Chinese clothing. The Victoria and Albert Museum has some nice examples. The scenes in my design were inspired by a much-loved illustration - very much in the Chinoiserie style - by A. Groves-Raines in my childhood book of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales (1st published 1950).

Art pen on cel & line art, basic repeat.
[Currently set @ Fabric: 340 ppi, Wallpaper: 200, Gift wrap: 233 ppi]

by: su_g

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10.30in x 10.30in, 233 pixels/inch,

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