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Zombie Me border fabric by whimzwhirled on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

I zombied a photo of me when my head was bald last year to entertain my facebook friends at Halloween and created a border fabric design with it.
If you think this is bad, wait untill I post the voodoo witch me. lol Wear me for Halloween. I come complete with leopard print for that sexy element and plenty of skulls and biohazard warning labels. I would make a great freaky skirt. Add a black leather corset and watch out world something scary is a mist. Bwahahaha! I want to eat your brains! PS...Add some high black strappy platforms for that true Zombie strut.
Design Scale Options:

Basic_off BASIC
Half_off HALF-DROP
Brick_off HALF-BRICK
Center_off CENTER
Mirror_off MIRROR
Design Size Change DPI
Smaller at 150 dpi minimum
47.02in x 35.44in, 150 pixels/inch,

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Roll (26" x 72")
This design is not yet for sale, but sign up and send Whimzwhirled a message if you'd like to buy it.

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