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All Geek to Me fabric by telden on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 21.0 x 18.0 inches

Geekdom is where it's at. We're movin' on up to the geek side. We finally got a piece of the pi!
Whether it's pulling out obscure factoids, fearlessly dismantling costly gadgets, gaming until we're breathless, moving at tectonic speeds through busy traffic, or making fashion bend to our will...we're here, and we won't go away, because - slartibartfast! - we can't remember where our keys are.

Call us geeks, call us techies...but don't ever call us nerds! So who are we? What are we all about?

We bathe regularly, like any other member of homo sapiens, sapiens...and we get our soap on sale, in bulk if we can, online. We refuse to be a slave to the latest technology, but we're more than willing to debug it. We're perfectly versed in proper grammar - it's just that grunting is so darn efficient. Superconducting super colliders fail to intimidate us, yet one weekly meeting will bring us to our knees. We're not really a fan of societal conventions, but we are a society of fan conventions.

And we're not shy or clumsy. We can watch a scifi film, text our boss, and play chess at the same time. On our mobile. With one finger.

Chaos is not just a theory to's our life.

We are geek, hear us roar!

by: telden

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