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Funny 60th Birthday Fabric With Original Poem fabric by telden on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 8.0 x 8.0 inches

I wrote a funny 60th birthday poem to celebrate a woman or man's milestone birthday. Here it is on a blue colorway with cheerful "60" spirals.
Any project made with this fabric will shine! The humorous poem, printed on the numerals 6 and 0, is entirely legible on the fabric, and reads:

"Sixty is a grand young age. It didn't happen fast.
But after waiting patiently, it's come to you at last.
What exactly does it mean to reach the big six-oh?
It's scary, wonderful and new! But you'll be glad to know
That you are not alone, oh, no. For some of us have seen
Age sixty come and go so fast we've hardly known it's been.
Same with thirty, forty, and - oh, yeah, the big five-oh.
Remember how it seemed so old? And that was long ago!
Not to say you're getting old - no more than other folks.
For sixty's no more ancient than some of life's great jokes.
Here's to your big day, my friend. Enjoy it while it's here.
Because you'll have to wait ten years for your next milestone year.
Thinking back on sixty, you'll turn back that mental clock.
The grand young age will seem so nice and seventy a shock.
"I was really limber then," you'll say to everyone.
See, sixty is the prime of life - at least, from this point on.

by: telden

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