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Red Hot Echidna Love for Valentine's Day fabric by amy_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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The Echidna found in Australia is the Short-beaked Echidna and along with the Platypus are the only members of the monotreme family which are Mammals that lay eggs and produces milk for its young. Echidnas (pronounced "E-kid-na") sometimes referred to as Spiny Anteaters resemble the Hedgehog and the Porcupine in that they are covered by sharp spines. The Echidna is found all over Australia and can survive a range of temperatures and habitats Though mostly nocturnal, in mild weather they can be seen during the day, but if the weather is extreme (either very cold or hot) Echidnas will stay in shelter. (under rocks, fallen timber or burying themselves in the ground). An Echidnas body is covered with 2 types of hair. A "normal" short coarse hair to keep them warm and long sharp spines each being a single hair but hard(similar to our fingernails in composition) The colouring and length of their "normal" hair differs wildly across Australia depending on climate and habitat) In size Echidnas are between 35 - 45 cms long and weigh anything between 2-7 kg. The Echidna has a pointy snout and an extremely long sticky tongue to catch ants and termites The Echidnas feet have sharp claws for digging and though like the Platypus the male has a spur on its ankle, it is not poisonous They make a sniffing noise as they search for food....ants and termites.

Red Hot Echidna Love for Valentine's Day

by amy_g
Little Australian echidnas deeply in love with their long pink sticky tongues intertwined! Hand drawn digitally by me. Hope you enjoy my design and thanks for stopping by! :o)
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