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Gold quadrants on jade and blue by Su_G  fabric by su_g on Spoonflower - custom fabric

Preview scale: 24 x 24 inches.

by su_g

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By Su Schaefer

Featuring: 'Engaged' from my new tea towel. Thank you to everyone favoriting, commenting, purchasing & sharing project pictures of my designs - so very much appreciated! All designs © Su Schaefer, All Rights Reserved

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Gold quadrants on jade and blue vertical stripes. Paint roller and oils on paper. © Su Schaefer 2013

Gold quadrants on jade and blue vertical stripes. Useful for borders and edgings, and I like the look for wallpaper in formal spaces.
© Su Schaefer 2013

A paler version of this design is 'Gold quadrants on aqua and blue'.

See all the colorways of this design.

Paint roller and oil on paper, basic repeat.
[Currently set @ Fabric: 472 ppi, Wallpaper: 200, Gift wrap: 300 ppi]

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su_g says: And belated thanks for your great remarks on this design Bob! Much appreciated, sorry about the belated :-)

Posted over 2 years ago.


bobgreenwade says: Personally I'll go with "gorgeously crazy." :)

Posted over 2 years ago.


su_g says: Thanks for your "Crazy gorgeous" Amy! You say the nicest things :-)

Posted over 2 years ago.


amy_g says: Crazy gorgeous, Su!!!

Posted over 2 years ago.


su_g says: Thank you so much Rhonda, Sue Ellen, Susan and Katherine for your comments and feedback on this design - especially relative to its paler cousin - you have no idea how helpful it is to me: feedback is true gold!

Posted almost 4 years ago.


kcs says: Can't wait to see how it printed!

Posted almost 4 years ago.


susaninparis says: As much as I like the softer version, this may be the more luscious of the two. The colors sing.

Posted almost 4 years ago.


fireflower says: I really like the more intense colors in this version, and the greater contrast, which intensifies the sparkle of the contrasting colors.

Posted almost 4 years ago.


rhondadesigns says: I love the superb 3-D effect of this design, Su! The darker shades of jade and blue have an early summer's evening glow about them!

Posted almost 4 years ago.