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Mode Indigo North and South fabric by edsel2084 on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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A semi-floral abstract horizontal stripe, suggesting tiles, that takes its inspiration from the 3D bathroom tile I remember seeing in late 19th century mansions of the Philadelphia Main Line during my childhood.
That kind of multi-colored ceramic tile with raised outlines and color glazes was common at least through the 1920's because I saw art deco broken bits of it in the Rodia towers of Watts California.
I have seen examples of 3D tile like it from as late as the 1950's, but none of that was multicolored. It was all single color glaze.
Though there is more than one shade of blue in this design, and there is also some green, a crisp and clean navy dominates this design, if not exactly indigo.

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See also Mode Indigo North East and West for this same fabric/wallpaper with a vertical orientation.

Mode Indigo North and South

By: edsel2084
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