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The ABC of Symmetry fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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I normally make this for young children as a set of 26 cards (along with a mirror tile) rather than using fabric. However ...

• The pages of this fabric book are paired on panels. But the 2 sides of each page are on different panels. Cut out the 4 panels along the black outlines.

• Join the pairs of panels together to match up the page sides. The front and end title page panel backs onto the ABCD and UVWX one - top to top and bottom to bottom. Similarly, the remaining pair of panels back onto each other.

• Sew together the 2 resulting compound sheets with a centre seam, along the grey line, to form the spine of an 8 page book with the alphabet in the correct order.

• Mirror not included.

The method of joining the panels, to form the double-sided pages, doesn't matter much. There's enough seam allowance to sew them right sides together the normal way before turning it through, adding any padding and finishing the last seam; or to assemble the sides as a sandwich and sew a contrasting tape around the cut edges; or simply to pink the edges with shears and stick the panels back to back, using a piece of adhesive wadding of the same size. There's also just enough space to cut out the individual letters and use them in some other sewing project altogether.

To that end, there's also an alternative version of the fat quarter with some extra Greek and Russian letter forms on the remaining space (of which there is more on fabrics other than the standard quilting cotton) - which is now the one currently uploaded.
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The ABC of Symmetry

by sef
Cloth book for geek babies/children, showing the symmetry elements in letter forms.
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