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The Siblings LeFleur and the Naughty Zephyr fabric by ceanirminger on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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The siblings Lefleur, on a blustery day; Were deciding together just how they should play. The eldest Elias, to avoid further fighting, Suggested an outing expressly for kiting. "A splendid idea!" did young Isaac remark, "Pip pip!" said small Sylvie, Let's away to the park!" But once at the park their fine plans went athwart, When a naughty old zephyr decided for sport, To blow oh so hard to send them careening, Across the whole globe ( that nasty old meanie)! Elias went tumbling 'til in Bath he alighted. With his wit and his charm they soon had him knighted. Isaac sailed on 'til he landed in Thailand. With grand plans for conquest he renamed it Myland. And Sylvie, the lightest, flew quite round the Earth, and came down a block from the town of her birth. When they finally regrouped in nine months, or ten, They said "What a lark! Let's do it again!"

The Siblings LeFleur and the Naughty Zephyr

by ceanirminger
The next in my plan to make fabrics for all of my nieces and nephews.
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