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celtic knotwork calendar 2012 fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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A fat-quarter-sized calendar for 2012 with each month bordered by celtic knotwork. On the wider fabric widths, eg sateen, knit and linen, you also get celtic knotwork numerals for the year at the top of the calendar.

The days of the week are marked with their astrological/alchemical planetary symbols, as per their Greek / Roman / Norse mythology names, rather than initial letters or words applicable to just one European language. The highlighted holidays (ie holy days) are currently set as the 2 solstices, the 2 equinoxes and the other 4 primary celebration days in the 8-fold pagan calendar.

In this version, only a single design of knotwork is used for every month but the colours of its strands and the tiny decoration details embedded within it both vary with (rather eurocentric) seasonal vegetation, weather and assorted holidays from multiple traditions. Snowflakes fall in January; February is marked with symbolic hearts; March holds both daffodils and shamrocks; April hides the Easter eggs; May is full of apple / cherry / bramble / hawthorn blossom; June owns the solstice sun; dolphins cavort around in July; the grape harvest (lammas) is in August; leaves start to fall in September; skulls for halloween or the day of the dead are in October; bats flit between the bare branches of November; December (yule) features holly and ivy.

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celtic knotwork calendar 2012

by sef
A fat-quarter-sized calendar for 2012 with each month bordered by celtic knotwork.
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