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hanging ornament fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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This is a 1:12 scale doll of the ubiquitous man-in-a-suit (be he politician, banker or any other meritless authoritarian profiting from the work of others) who will allegedly be first up against the wall, on the chopping block or dangling from the gallows come the revolution. An 8" swatch makes 1 besuited corpse (with slight lividity and swollen, protruding tongue) of just over 6" tall.

On a fat quarter (or more) you get further members of the board - but there's little point in attempting to hang those. The ghost would simply slip through the noose. The zombie would pull itself together and shamble onwards. JackO would remove his own head and then replace it.


1. Cut out the pieces along the black outer lines, including the indicated snips at the neck.

2. Assemble the limbs correctly first, eg each leg needs a front and a back, leaving the top open for stuffing and joining to the torso.

3. Sew around the shoulders and head of the torso and partly up each side.

4. Either insert the arms in the shoulder holes at this point (they will need to be crumpled to fit) to stuff the whole of the upper body together; or else sew the arms on afterwards when the sections are right side out. Make sure they are attached to dangle down rather than being upraised.

5. Attach the legs to the bottom of the torso the correct way round, ie with the underside of the shoes towards the back of the torso, once all parts are right side out and stuffed.

4/5 alt. Optionally: if you want to draw and quarter your villain after hanging, you'll need to attach the limbs with small pieces of velcro instead and add some coiled red cord for guts rather than using normal stuffing material and fully closing the bottom of the torso.

6. Suspend suit-man in a suitable location using a proper noose made from thin cord. You may need to add loops of thread to the sides of his neck to hold the cord in place if you can't draw it tight enough. Or tie a simple knot in a reasonably large rubber band, dividing it very unequally, and stretch the smallest loop to hold his head securely while the larger loop hooks him onto a convenient branch/twig of a tree.

Warning: This make calls for fiddly fingers rather than a sewing machine. It's definitely a labour of love/hate.

Disclaimer: This design is not intended as a recommendation to hang real people. It is very deliberately a cartoon stereotype of the sort of slippery character who is never actually held accountable for any of his misdeeds. Any resemblance to genuine victims of lynchings is purely unintentional.

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hanging ornament

by sef
1:12 scale doll of the ubiquitous man-in-a-suit who will allegedly be first up against the wall come the revolution.
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