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pumpkinhead cushion fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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To make this pumpkinhead cushion at full size, a whole yard of fabric is required. About 8 paired segments are necessary to make a plausible pumpkin shape. A choice of smiley vs frowny faces is included - or you could make a two-faced jack-o-lantern using both. On the sateen, there will be extra segments such that a plain pumpkin could be made instead.

Cut out the segments on the black lines. The pale peach seam space is a safety margin for stitch drift and not part of the design proper. I recommend joining up the 2 sides of the chosen face(s) first - to avoid making mistakes later. All the other segments are completely interchangeable and can be assembled in any order.

The additional circles are for fabric buttons top and bottom, if that's your preferred finish style. The coloured rectangle makes it possible to cut and tape an open topped pumpkin instead - for the original design concept of a drawstring bag to go with a ball gown (if printed at FQ scale) or on a US-style looting mission. An even smaller scale (or very lightly stuffed) version would work as a dangling toy/decoration.

Small prototype made from Spoonflower offcuts - including blue lines across some segments from the printer margins.
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pumpkinhead cushion

by sef
Kit for making a pumpkinhead as a cushion, toy or bag.
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