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D6 SAN loss fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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He's not plush and he doesn't want to be your friend. But he might just mess with your mind.

To make each polyhedral die: cut out its set of faces along the black seam-margin lines and sew along all pairs of sides with matching labels (in any order you like but following the edges of the printed area as closely as possible). For tossable dice: understuff the polyhedra with lightweight filling (so they won't cause real-world damage and will settle properly on a face). For juggling dice: use slightly heavier filling material, eg dried seeds.

On a fat quarter of quilting cotton you get the main D6 and one bonus juggling-size D6 but to make the D4 you will need to stitch together two halves of the #1 triangular face. On a fat quarter of cotton sateen (or knit) you get the D4 in full as well as the D6 and two bonus juggling dice. The full yard contains one of each of the five regular polyhedral dice (platonic solids) along with as many bonus dice as I could reasonably pack into the remaining space - more for sateen than quilting cotton. The D8 is the only one which permits a counter-changed colouring. The D20 can be coloured as 5 sets of tetrahedral faces. The D12 requires a minimum of 4 colours but looks better in 6.

The last time I made some sets of these (for the babies of fellow geeks), about 15 years ago, I had to use normal, plain fabrics. Now, thanks to Spoonflower, I could do polyhedra with sharks, turtles, holly, worms or any other suitable tessellations in any colour scheme.

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D6 SAN loss

by sef
He's not plush and he doesn't want to be your friend. But he might just mess with your mind.
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