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holly leaf, flower and berry quilt/tablecloth fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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2 different tessellations based on the same concept but using the regular hexagon and square grids and then arranged in rotational and planar lattices respectively. These are combined into a form suitable for making an hawaiian style applique quilt (with its concentric and parallel lines of decorative stitching) or a tablecloth. The whole design fills up to 5' by 3' (with Spoonflower's widest fabric currently being slightly less than that 5'). For a larger table one would need 2 or more yards of fabric (and have 2 or more rotational centres along its length).

The currently displayed colour scheme has two greens to represent the holly, white for the flower and red for berries (or festive baubles) - which print much brighter then they appear on a monitor. However, many other colour choices also work well. See off-site images of:

holly, flower and berry/bauble
holly and flower at night (a cooler look)
holly, flower and snowball (just 3 colours)

or, for the more tropically minded:

rock, palm and pool
desert island discs - for BBC radio fans, old-style DJs or record producers! Although the record producers could probably afford the extra colours and have the crimson / maroon / purple versions of the famous record label too.

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holly leaf, flower and berry quilt/tablecloth

by sef
2 different tessellations based on the same concept but using the regular hexagon and square grids.
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