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but I want to be a flower! fabric by sef on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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1 yard kit for making a 12-petal skirt. The length is 21" at the points down to 18" between petals minus whatever is required for bottom hem and waist band. Using the selvage to form a waist band will reduce this loss somewhat. The waist needs to be elasticated but, depending on accuracy of cutting and seam size, will accommodate hips/bottom of up to 48". Hence it would fit most adults as a short, above-the-knee, skirt. For a small child one might omit a couple of the petals to reduce bunching at the waist. With 2 yards one could have an 18" row of sepals to overlay a 24" row of petals.

• Cut out the 12 panels.
• Trim and hem each petal point.
• Sew the petals into a truncated cone, leaving the top of one seam slightly open.
• Roll over the top and stitch down inside into a waist tube. Insert elastic.
• Unleash your inner flower on the world.

Colour notes: the Spoonflower display image is showing a distortedly choppy view of the colour gradient - which actually prints much more smoothly than shown and with greater contrast, from a darker pink to a lighter pink.
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but I want to be a flower!

by sef
1 yard kit for making a 12-petal skirt.
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