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Art_Nouveau_Stained_Glass_4or6_gore_lined-reversible_engineered_skirt_fabric_2-3yds_54wide-linen fabric by mina on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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This fabric is meant for making a full-length linen skirt, in 4 or 6 gores, depending on how full you want it. Four gores would be approx 40 inches at waist, before putting in elastic. It is meant to be wider than your waist, and gathered down to waist-size with elastic. Just use enough gores to gather well to the waist - up to twice your waist size (best). Because of the flared gores, this gathering is flattering and forgiving, not bunchy.___Length is adjustable at the top, up to 36 inches turned for elastic, or a little more if a waistband is added, and elastic put into it. ___Black edges are seam lines, not cutting lines; cut between them. Colored background areas can be used for pockets. For lined-reversible construction, use pattern pieces to cut lining gores. ___Sew together center seam on end gore, sew together side seams, (except final one, if you wish), inserting pocket in one seam. (Cut pocket pieces from background.) Construct lining to this stage. ___Sew together, right sides together, hems of skirt and lining. (Do not use synthetic lining - use cotton or linen, and preshrink fabric.) Press hem seam open, then fold at hem seam and press seam line carefully. (If you left one side seam open, now is the time to sew it up.) Top-stitch hem if you wish. Zig-zag side seam seam-allowances if you wish. ___(If adding a waistband, now sew onto unfolded double waistband, both skirt & lining onto front, leaving inside open. Hand-stitch inside of folded-over waistband, covering seam allowances. Leave open about 4-5 inches.) ___OR measure and press to wrong side (inside) 1½ inches at top waist opening on EACH fabric, skirt & lining. Pin together at top, & check skirt length - shorten if necessary. Top stitch together ¼ inch down from edge, and again nearer to edge. Top stitch again 1¼ inch down from edge. After topstitching, carefully pull out stitches of 2 lining gores between topstitching rows. ___NOW insert ¾ inch (or 1 inch if it fits) strong elastic, using a large safety-pin. Do not cut to size yet. Overlap elastic 3-4 inches, pin, tuck into casing (letting end dangle) and try on skirt. Adjust elastic until it fits. Cut off leaving an overlap, and zigzag together at each end of overlap. Tuck into casing, and finish stitching, either hand-stitching waistband, or top-stitching, and hand-stitching lining gores back together. ___Either way, this is the easiest hem finish I know, and you have a finished lined-reversible skirt. This is a very flattering cut on all sizes.___________July2012 - I have ordered a swatch of this to test the new colors, so it will be possible to make it available for sale soon.


by mina
This fabric is meant for making a full-length linen skirt, in 4 or 6 gores, depending on how full you want it. Four gores would be approx 40 inches at
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